About Aˈme-kə

Aˈme-kə is the phonetic spelling of Emeka, an Igbo name that comes from Chukwuemeka; which means "God has done great!" It represents the belief that God did great when He made us in all of our many beautiful shades of melanin. 

Emeka Anyanwu is an attorney and entrepreneur, who founded Aˈme-kə after continuing to see a lack of access to Black-owned brands, Brands Made with Melanin in Mind, in mainstream retail spaces despite the astonishing success of such brands once placed on their physical and virtual shelves and the significant amount of money spent by Black consumers in the industry.

Aˈme-kə, an online retail space for Black-owned Beauty Brands Made with Melanin in Mind, was created to  increase beauty consumers’ awareness of and access to cosmetic, skincare, hair care, bath & body, and male grooming BRANDS MADE WITH MELANIN IN MIND and founded by Black entrepreneurs; while also creating a platform for building a self-affirming community for those invested in seeing each other thrive and flourish in beauty, business, and life!