Daily Skincare Routine Order

24th Jun 2020

Have questions on which skincare products to incorporate in your daily skincare regimen and what order you should use them in? Here’s a quick guide on a basic skincare routine that is easy to implement on a daily basis (preferably twice a day).

1.   CLEANSE. Always start with a clean face. Try the Skin Clarifying Cleanser from Bolden or Earth Cleanser from ROSEN Skincare.

2.   TONE. Toner will help to remove excess dirt and makeup your cleanser may have missed. It also helps to reduce the appearance of pores. Try the Balancing Toner from Bask & Bloom Essentials or the Tropics Toner from ROSEN Skincare.

3.   SERUM. This is where the real work comes in. So don’t skip this step! Serums provide a concentrated source of active ingredients to work on whatever your particular skincare need may be. Bolden’s Nighttime Repair Serum rejuvenates skin, making it more youthful. ROSEN Skincare’s Bright Citrus Serum helps with scarring, discoloration and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; while their Paloma Serum smooths textured skin and helps to fade dark spots.

4.   MOISTURIZE. Always remember to complete your skincare routine by moisturizing your face. Try Bask & Bloom Essential’s Vibrant Radiance Facial Cream or ROSEN Skincare’s Rose Water Face Dew.

5.   SUNSCREEN (During the day). Sunscreen is a MUST at the conclusion of your morning skincare routine, especially if you applied a serum to your face. Black Girl Sunscreen is great and doesn’t leave a white residue on your face! If you’re interested in a tinted sunscreen, try the Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen from Unsun Cosmetics.


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