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Latched & Hooked's braiding hair is the best on the market. Latched & Hooked's hair is textured so that you can braid with confidence and have no worries about your style unraveling at the ends. Latched & Hooked's braiding hair is soft and easy on your hands. 

  • 24" in length
  • 100 grams/package
  • *For full head of individual braids (small braids 10-12 packs, medium braids 7-9 packs, large braids 5-7 packs) *for best results consult your stylist.
  • Suggested to order your hair 2 weeks prior to your hair appointment 

*Please note that colors may vary slightly in color due to computer resolution.*

 *All sales final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

Q: How Is Latched & Hooked Hair Different?

A: Their synthetic hair products are formulated without toxic chemicals. They do not add any toxic chemicals before or after production making their synthetic hair the most wearable synthetic hair extension product on the market.This means you do not have to soak their hair prior to use, you can use it immediately upon arrival.

Q: Will my scalp itch or become irritated while using Latched & Hooked hair?

A: Latched & Hooked has worked tirelessly with polymer chemists to develop a safe non-toxic synthetic hair extension, however everyone's body chemistry is different and we cannot guarantee that you will not be allergic to their synthetic hair. We advise that you contact a dermatologist to determine if you are allergic to synthetic fibers and/or do a patch test by purchasing one box of synthetic hair and using the hair in one area for a week and test your tolerance of the product.

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